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Oral Cancer Live Webinar

 It's Mouth Cancer Awareness Month and we're privileged to host a Live Webinar with four experts.  Monday 23rd November 6.30pm  Oral Cancer Charity Webinar Event This will be a great event that will highlight the devastating effects of Oral Cancer, how it can be diagnosed early and its presentation, along with the multi-team approach and the patient journey and aftercare. Hosted by Kate Bootman we have: Professor StJohn Crean BDS MBBS FDSRCS FFGDP(UK) FRCS FRCS(OMFS) PHD Mr Mesahh Kumar  BDS LDSRCS MBBS FDSRCS FRCS FRCS(OMFS) Mr Khaleeq-Ur Rehman  BDS, MBChB, FDSRCPS, MRCS (Gen Surg), FRCS (OMFS) Joss Harding Hygienist and a Clinical Ambassador for the Mouth Cancer Foundation and Team Member of UKOMIC.  Dental Hygienist of the Year 2018 Oral Cancer Charity Webinar Event Charity Link